I’m Kristen Lee Sergeant — I’m a certified sommelier, working for years at some of the most heavily awarded restaurants and wine lists in New York City. I’ve worked in boutique retail, taught at some of the top locations in the city, and provided education to private restaurant clients and businesses. I’m also an entertainer, so I understand how to make learning about wine interesting and fun (as if it could be anything else!)

Being a sommelier at several New York Times 3 star restaurants
 has taught me a great deal about power – you can always tell who the most influential people in the restaurant are by the way the interact with the wine list, the sommelier, and of course what’s in the glass. There’s a confidence, curiosity and pleasure that are unmistakable.

Wine is an essential aspect of doing business at the dinner table, and also the key to one of the most pleasurable personal pursuits one can have in this lifetime. I started KLS wine consulting to bring top tier wine education to a select audience who have the curiosity and desire to better know not just the social aspect of wine drinking, but engage with the fascinating gift that the love and knowledge of wine can bring.

Our exclusive group tastings offer a social introduction to a region of wine in a unique atmosphere, while smaller group tastings focus on a particular topic of interest tailored to client’s interests. Finally, one-on-one sessions are a way to fast track your wine savvy in the most personalized and focused way.

While our events provide a exclusive opportunity to meet other professionals and have a great time, we also take the pleasure that is wine very seriously. KLS wine consulting is committed to providing a one-of-a-kind experience that gives you knowledge you can own and build on for a lifetime.